Dedicated to the memory of Mike Oliver

2010 Update


This is the hardest update I have had to provide.   

Mike passed away on Wednesday, April 14, one week before his 56th birthday.  He was surrounded by God, family, friends, and Elvis music. 

Mike was never the same after his hospital admission in June 2009.  He developed pneumonia in December 2009 and entered Mayo Clinic on Friday, January 1.  He stayed there for a week and then moved to a skilled care nursing facility through the first week of March.  He did well and enjoyed regular visits from family and friends.

 On Monday, March 8, we had a Hospice consult at the home.  It was a very difficult thing for us to do, but we knew it was necessary.  He decided he wanted a little more time and we agreed to check in regularly until the time was right for him.

On Saturday, April 3, Mike requested to go to Hospice for pain management.  We fully expected for him to return home, but it became evident after a few days that was not going to be possible.  He passed away after 12 days that were filled with family, friends, love, tears, music, stories, and prayer.

With the help of family, friends, and the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Department, we were blessed to give Mike a beautiful and heartfelt send off.  There are not enough words to thank all of the people.

I hope this site continues to help people in the days, months, and years ahead.  I would still like to hear from people and will offer up help as I can.

God Bless.


Written by: Michelle, July 2010 



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