Related Diseases 

While performing research on POEMS, you will likely hear or read about other diseases.  We have come across cancer, Castlemanís Disease, leukemia, myeloma, and multiple myeloma.


You will hear cancer referenced because of cell cloning.  Like cancer patients, POEMS patients will find that they have ďbadĒ cells that clone and multiply.


It is interesting to touch upon Castlemanís Disease for a moment.  For a few weeks, it was difficult to determine if Mike was being diagnosed with POEMS, Castlemanís, or a flavor somewhere in between.  Based upon further research, I determined that although Castlemanís and POEMS are associated, they are not one in the same.  I mention this because it did play a factor in trying to understand what Mike had and where we were at.


This page was not intended to be the last stop for information.  It was created as a point of reference.  For further information on these diseases, please refer to the links page on this site.

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